Dino-mite Gifts For Baby

With the popularity of dinosaurs re-surging after everyone’s favorite movie franchise got a reboot, this is the perfect time for the baby in your life to get the full dino treatment. We’re talking items for bath time, bedtime, and for the decoration of a dinosaur-friendly nursery. These dinosaur baby gifts in our Dino Baby collection are sweeter than they are scary, and your baby is sure to love them.

Dino Baby Collection | Dino-mite Gifts For Baby | Baby Aspen

Cuddly Dino Friend

Baby needs a companion, right? Get them a plush dinosaur they are sure to love and cuddle. Meet Doug the Dinosaur, an almost one-foot-high stuffed T-Rex with soft turquoise “skin.” They will be holding onto this for years to come.

Doug the Dino With Baby | Dino-mite Gifts For Baby | Baby Aspen

The Doug the Dinosaur gift set also comes with two pairs of dino-themed socks. They’re perfect for babies from 0 to 6 months old and will have her matching her favorite stuffed animal, both in color and in theme. The socks come hanging out of Doug the Dinosaur’s mouth, which is just too cute to pass up.

Doug the Dino | Dino-mite Gifts For Baby | Baby Aspen

Baby T-Rex Bank

It’s easy to forget about the nursery when you’re picking out dinosaur baby gifts. In addition to focusing on must-buy baby items, get fun decor as well. This dino bank fits in well amidst the kid’s books on the nursery bookshelf.

Dinosaur Bank | Dino-mite Gifts For Baby | Baby Aspen

Dino Baby Essentials

It’s good to also get the new parents things they really need. This four-piece gift set, while still dino themed, comes with must-haves they’re going to appreciate.

Dino Baby Gift Set With Baby | Dino-mite Gifts For Baby | Baby Aspen

Check out the adorable “Rawwwr!” T-Rex theme! The bib and baby socks match perfectly. This gift set also comes with mittens and a dino-shaped rattle. Just because they’re practical doesn’t mean they can’t also be downright adorable!

Dino Baby Gift Set | Dino-mite Gifts For Baby | Baby Aspen

Hooded Dinosaur Towel

Bath time is the cutest before-bed ritual a parent and baby can experience. Why not make it extra memorable with a hooded dino towel? It’s soft, cuddly, and features a tail and T-Rex head, making your baby the cutest dino to ever exist!

Dinosaur Hooded Robe | Dino-mite Gifts For Baby | Baby Aspen

Growl-worthy Robe

Maybe he wants to wear his dino outfit long after the bath is over. In that case, this hooded dino robe is perfect for him.

Dinosaur Robe With Baby | Dino-mite Gifts For Baby | Baby Aspen

The spa robe, with its soft lime green terrycloth, features a tie so he can stay snug. You can even personalize it with embroidery! You have up to 10 letters to work with, so go with his initials or whole name.

Dinosaur Robe | Dino-mite Gifts For Baby | Baby Aspen

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Which of these dinosaur baby gifts would your little one like best? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Parenting!