Fan Favorites of 2021

Fan Favorites of 2021

If you're overwhelmed sorting through the Baby Aspen store, there's a solution. Rather than trying to find the best on your own, we've compiled a list of our fans' favorites. These items, from baby outfits to first birthday decorations, are the most popular for a very good reason: They rock. Check out what the fans couldn't get enough of.

1. Unicorn Plush Plus Simply Enchanted 4-Piece Gift Set

Gift sets are a must for baby showers, and this four-piece set is a fan favorite. It comes with a bib, headband, plush rattle, and matching socks. Start the unicorn fandom early with this one.



2. Jamie the Giraffe Plush Plus Bandana Bib for Baby

Stuffed animals are a sure-fire way to a kid's heart. If you're looking for something they can take with them wherever they go, gift them Jamie the Giraffe. This soft plush giraffe arrives wearing a matching bib that Baby can use while they cuddle.



3. Colby the Cow Plush Plus Book for Baby and Cow Robe

It's time to make bath time fun with this fan favorite. The three-piece Colby the Cow set comes with a hooded bathrobe, plush cow, and book. Baby is going to look so cute wrapped up in the cow hooded robe.


4. Mr. and Mrs. Sock T. Pus Plushes

For gifts that are both useful and fun, check out the Sock T. Pus plushes. They're soft plush octopuses with one key feature: They're wearing socks that Baby can wear too. 



5. Baby Chef's Outfit

Need a cozy outfit that Baby can wear to bed? This Baby Chef outfit was the big favorite of 2021, featuring a matching chef's hat, coat, and pants. They're soft enough to be pajamas while Baby dreams of their future as a top chef.



6. Baby Ballerina Outfit

Another popular outfit of 2021 was the classic pink ballerina outfit. The soft pink onesie comes with a built-in tutu perfect for some fun Baby pictures. The set also comes with a matching hat.



7. Sequin Mermaid Bank

If you're looking for something for the nursery, there's always a good bank. Banks not only provide nice decor, but they're also a way to teach about savings at the baby gets older. Of all the banks at Baby Aspen, the sequin mermaid banks is one of the big favorites.



8. Doug the Dinosaur Set

For dino-lovers, the Doug the Dinosaur set is a big hit. Sure, the stuffed dinosaur is an absolute must, but so are the other parts to this set. It comes with a helpful bib, rattle, and matching socks.



9. Gold Glitter Unicorn Birthday Set

It's party time and you're looking for decorations. Although Baby Aspen carries a load of decorations for first birthdays, nothing beats the popularity of our gold glitter unicorn set. It comes with everything you need for a decked-out birthday, including a Happy Birthday banner and cake topper.



10. Camo Outfit

Need another idea for a cute Baby Outfit? Fans love this camo outfit. Not only is it adorable, but it's the perfect bedtime outfit. 

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