Tips for Baby's First Photos with Santa

Tips for Baby's First Photos with Santa

The holidays are swiftly approaching, and that means it's time for holiday pictures. A picture with Santa is a must-have for your wall of family photos. Unfortunately, it can be a little tricky to get Baby's first photo with Santa if they're fussy or afraid. Follow these tips to end up with the best Santa photos.

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1. Introduce Them to Santa Early

Regardless of your age, fear of the unknown is all too real. Lessen the odds that Baby will be afraid of Santa by introducing the concept in the days and weeks before. Let your little one watch some classic Christmas movies or look at picture books about Santa Claus. The more comfortable they are with the way he looks, the less likely they'll scream their head off once they make it on his lap.

2. Stake Out the Santa Ahead of Time

Don't just stride up to the first Santa you see, especially if this is the first time Baby's visiting the mall. Head out a few times so you can see what time of day Santa is least busy. The longer you have to wait in line, the fussier Baby will become. You can also get Baby used to the lights and colors before the big day.

3. Make Sure Your Baby is Well-Rested and Well-Fed

On the day of the Santa photoshoot, make sure that your baby is fed and rested. After all, it'll be hard to get a good picture if they're crying to be fed. 

4. Bring Their Favorite Toy

Most photographers for Santa will have something to get a baby's attention, like jingling bells. Increase the odds of attention by bringing your baby's favorite toy. That way, when you hold it up near the camera, they'll have no choice but to look up.

5. Set Up Your Own Santa Photoshoot

Perhaps your baby is a newborn or has been particularly fussy lately. If you're worried about how they'll handle a mall Santa, set up your own Santa photoshoot at home. Hire a Santa or have a trusted relative rent a suit. By staying at home, Baby will feel a lot more comfortable and you're more likely to get a great shot.

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