The Ultimate Guide to Baby Shower Gift Etiquette

The Ultimate Guide to Baby Shower Gift Etiquette

Baby showers are joyous occasions where friends and family gather to celebrate the impending arrival of a precious little one. While the focus is on celebrating the new parents and their baby, choosing the right gift can sometimes be a bit tricky. At Baby Aspen, we understand the importance of finding the perfect gift to make the day extra special. In this guide, we'll answer common questions about baby shower gift etiquette and share some delightful gift ideas from our collection to help you find the ideal present for any baby shower.


What Kind of Gift is Appropriate for a Baby Shower? Selecting the perfect baby shower gift largely depends on your relationship with the parents-to-be and their preferences. Popular gift options include baby clothing, blankets, toys, diaper bags, and nursery décor. Personalized items like baby onesies and blankets can add a special touch to your gift. Baby Aspen offers a wide range of adorable and thoughtful baby shower gifts, such as our Blue "Let the Fin Begin" baby bath robe (also available in pink hooded robe)  or our "Little Princess" Hooded Spa Robe.

What to Bring to a Baby Shower If You Already Sent a Gift? If you've already sent a gift but are attending the baby shower in person, consider bringing a heartfelt card or a small, additional token of your congratulations. Perhaps a bouquet of fresh flowers or a box of gourmet chocolates to share with the other guests can be a thoughtful gesture.


Are Gifts Required for a Baby Shower? Gifts are a traditional part of baby showers, but they are not mandatory. Guests should feel free to bring gifts if they wish, but attending the celebration and offering well-wishes are equally meaningful ways to show your support and love for the parents-to-be.


Is $100 Enough for a Baby Shower Gift? The appropriate amount to spend on a baby shower gift can vary widely depending on your budget and your relationship with the parents. There is no set amount, and any thoughtful gift, regardless of its cost, will be appreciated. Baby Aspen offers a variety of budget-friendly options, such as our adorable "Chomp & Stomp" Shark Bib & Booties Gift Set, making it easy to find a meaningful gift that won't break the bank. Speaking of banks... Baby Aspen offers a variety of piggy banks that make great nursery decor!

Do You Give a Card at a Baby Shower? Yes, including a heartfelt card with your best wishes and congratulations is a lovely tradition at baby showers. It's a great way to express your sentiments and add a personal touch to your gift. A beautiful baby shower card is sure to complement our Baby Aspen gift sets perfectly.


What Not to Give at a Baby Shower? While the choice of gift ultimately depends on the preferences of the parents-to-be, it's generally best to avoid items that are potentially harmful, too extravagant, or not age-appropriate for a newborn. Items such as alcohol, sharp objects, or gifts that may require additional maintenance may not be suitable. Depending on the soon to be parents preferences, toys that make noise can also be something to stay away from. 


How Much Should I Spend on a Baby Shower Gift? The amount you spend on a baby shower gift should be determined by your budget and your relationship with the parents-to-be. As mentioned earlier, there's no set amount, and thoughtful, budget-friendly gifts are just as appreciated as more expensive ones.


Choosing the perfect baby shower gift should be a joyful experience, and at Baby Aspen, we're here to help you make it memorable. Whether you're looking for adorable clothing, charming gift sets, or personalized items, our collection has something for everyone. Remember, the most important thing is to show your love and support for the new parents as they embark on this incredible journey of parenthood. Explore our delightful selection of baby shower gifts at and make your gift as special as the occasion itself.


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