Trending Colors for Nurseries in 2022

Trending Colors for Nurseries in 2022

Need some inspo for your upcoming nursery? While you could go for classic color schemes like the gendered vibes of blue and pink or the monochrome grayscale aesthetic, these are all terribly outdated. Keep your baby's new room beautiful and current with these trending colors for nurseries in 2022. There's something for everyone here, so read on to find your favorite.

1. Very Peri

Pantone released it's Color of the Year for 2022 and this year's it's "Very Peri." This gorgeous periwinkle blue tows the line between blue and violet perfectly for a unique shade. Because of the violet undertones, this doesn't have the gendered vibes of a more traditional blue.

Project Nursery

2. Vintage Orange

Nurseries are having a new take on orange in 2022. Rather than bright orange or blood orange of years past, this year it's all about vintage orange. This orange looks well-worn and aged like something from the '60s and '70s. A great accent is a rug featuring this color like in the nursery below.


3. Jewel Tones

Some parents are skipping the light beiges and delicate grays of the past and going for rich colors instead. Jewel tones feature deep shades of emerald, sapphire, and ruby. This is often best used in a nursery with a bold accent wall framing the crib.

Venture into the Woods

4. Black

This isn't your grandmother's nursery. No one would have been caught dead painting their walls black for a nursery back in the 1900s, but this is 2022. Black can be chic and lovely. Black accents in the form of throw pillows, rugs, or walls go a long way to making the baby's room look super cool.

Amber Thrane

5. Pastel Green

If you aren't going for a jewel-tone green, then pastel green is the perfect alternative. In 2022, we're skipping out on the bright greens of the past. For pastel greens, go for shades that look muted and soft. A great way to incorporate the color is with patterns of greenery like leaves, grass, and ivy.

Samantha Varvel

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