A Classic Gray Gender Neutral Baby Shower

Planning a baby shower when you’re not sure of the gender can be a bit tough. Today we’re sharing 10 ideas for a classic gray neutral baby shower that’s perfect for showering mom with the sweetest gifts and keepsakes for her little one.

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Classic Gray Decor for a Gender Neutral Baby Shower

When planning your classic gray gender neutral baby shower, you can keep the decor pretty simple. Stick with different shades of gray and add in white and a bit of yellow for a pop of color. Tissue paper balls hanging together create a cute backdrop, and banners and crepe paper can create a wonderful backdrop for a food table or gift table.

Your baby shower can include some fun activities and games, too. Have each guest decorate a onesie for baby once they arrive. Cut out different shapes from gray fabric and have guests iron them onto white onesies. You can even have mama-to-be guess which guest designed each onesie.

Your classic baby shower is sure to be beautiful with simple decor and a few fun activities.

Sweet Gifts for Baby

Because you don’t yet know the gender of the baby, it can be difficult for guest to choose gifts for the little one. Help them out by having each guest bring their favorite children’s book for baby. Books are wonderful gender neutral gifts. They take the guesswork out of what to buy and guess generally love to personalize their gifts and this is the perfect way to do that. Make sure they leave a little note inside the cover of the book explaining why it’s their favorite – reading those will be as fun as reading the book to your little one!

If you’re looking for other gender neutral gift ideas, consider something fun for mom or wearable for baby. A wall hanging for the nursery is an adorable gift for either gender and can document baby’s milestones as each month passes. Or make bath time more fun with a sweet hooded robe – a bunny or elephant themed towel is both gender neutral and cozy for baby!

Classic Themes from Classic Nursery Rhymes and Sweet Baby Animals

If you’re looking for a classic gray baby shower theme and want to include a little more than just shades of gray and white, consider bringing some classic nursery rhymes or songs into your theme. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star is a wonderful theme to incorporate into this classic gray gender neutral baby shower and is the perfect way to add a little more to the the color palette and decor.

You could also base your classic gray theme off of animals. Bunnies, elephants and bears are all sweet additions to this theme – you can include them in your decor, treats and invitation design.

No matter how you decorate your classic gray gender neutral baby shower, the new mom and little baby are sure to be showered with lots of love.

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