A Sweet and Simple Easter Basket DIY

Easter is right around the corner, and it’s the perfect time of year to gift little ones with Easter surprises and to celebrate the new season. Putting together an Easter basket doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Today we’re sharing simple steps on pulling together a sweet Easter basket full of fun surprises she’ll love.

Easter Basket | A Sweet Easter Basket DIY | Baby Aspen

Gather Your Supplies

For this DIY Easter basket you’ll need:

– An large wicker basket
– Colorful Easter basket grass
Plush toys that fit your baby’s style
– Chocolate treats
– Plastic Easter eggs in assorted colors
– Small candies or toys to put inside the eggs

Step 1: The Perfect Basket

The first step in creating the perfect Easter basket is to find an adorable basket to fill! There are so many options out there, so decide on the style you’re looking for and go from there! Whether you choose one that features one of your child’s favorite characters or if you go with something more classic and timeless, the basket is the first step in creating something special for your little one.

Empty Easter Basket | A Sweet Easter Basket DIY | Baby Aspen

Step 2: Fill with a Few Bigger Gifts

Step two in creating a fun DIY Easter basket is finding a few bigger items to add. Plush stuffed animals are the perfect toy to choose in this case because there are lots of options to fit each child’s personality and they’re easy to find. Teddy bears, giraffes, dolls and elephants are all sweet options for Easter baskets! Choose two plush items to include in the basket and place them atop some Easter basket grass to act as the bigger, base items for this DIY. Next, we’ll add in some smaller details.

Easter Basket Without Candy | A Sweet Easter Basket DIY | Baby Aspen

Bailey The Bunny | A Sweet Easter Basket DIY | Baby Aspen

Step 3: Add In Smaller Items

Once your bigger plush items are added, it’s time to fill in some empty spaces with smaller trinkets and candies. The Easter candy aisle at your grocery store is overflowing with chocolate bunnies, marshmallow eggs and jelly beans right now. Choose candies that are suitable for your child’s age range and table food skills. If your little one is too small for candy, include some special treats for yourself too. Who says you can’t celebrate as well?

DIY Tip: Cellophane bags are a great away to turn a simple Easter treat into a carrot shaped masterpiece!

Easter Candy | A Sweet Easter Basket DIY | Baby Aspen

Place these items in the basket around the plush toys and fill in the empty spots with as many small items as necessary to create full-looking Easter basket.

Easter Basket Without Eggs | A Sweet Easter Basket DIY | Baby Aspen

Step 4: Don’t Forget the Easter Egg Hunt!

Now that your basket is nearly complete, don’t forget about Easter eggs! An Easter egg hunt is a fun activity for kids of all ages. Fill colorful eggs with candies or small toys and hide them for the little ones to find. An Easter basket isn’t complete without a few colorful plastic eggs filled with surprises.

Easter Eggs | A Sweet Easter Basket DIY | Baby Aspen

Creating an Easter basket is a quick and easy process once you’re equipped with different gifts and candies for your child. Don’t stress out too much about this simple Easter basket DIY, the most important part of Easter is celebrating new beginnings, hope and a beautiful new season – all wonderful things to share with your little one!

Easter Basket In Room | A Sweet Easter Basket DIY | Baby Aspen

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Are you making your own DIY Easter Basket? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Parenting!