Cute Baby & Sibling Photos

Guess what…it’s Siblings Day! We’re celebrating with some of the cutest sibling and baby photos.

Having one child is something magical, but everything is new and different when you add a new arrival to your already growing family. With one child getting older and wiser, the addition of a new baby will create some seriously picture-worthy moments. Get your camera or smartphone ready to capture these special occasions!

First Meetings

Get ready for a great photo-op when the sibling is meeting the new baby for the first time. You never know what might happen, but you’re definitely going to want to immortalize it in digital form. Just sit back and wait: The sibling cuteness will happen naturally.

Sister Kissing Baby | Cute Baby & Sibling Photos | Baby AspenWild {Whim} Design & Photography

Sleepy Time

The big brother or sister just wants to play with the new baby, but they’re disappointed with the realization that the little one’s going to spend most of his early days asleep. They will cheer right up with the idea of a sleeping baby photo shoot. Nothing’s cuter than the soft, quiet photo of a pair of loving siblings.

Brother Sleeping With Baby | Cute Baby & Sibling Photos | Baby Aspentatyana_tomsickova

A Dose of Reality

Okay, not every experience between a sibling and a new baby will be a fun one. While it’s nice to have perfect, well-posed shots of smiling faces, sometimes the nitty gritty is just as interesting. This shot shows just how tough in can be with a newborn in the house.

Baby Crying Next To Big Sister | Cute Baby & Sibling Photos | Baby AspenLinden Photography

Candid Playtime

Some of the most precious moments are those when the siblings are playing and you happen to catch their play in action. A simple candid moment can be an adorable memory that can last a lifetime.

Siblings Playing In Nursery | Cute Baby & Sibling Photos | Baby Aspentatyana_tomsickova

Moments of Discovery

Babies are interesting, especially to little kids with no experience with these brand new humans. This sister is fascinated with the adorable little hands of this newborn–and can you blame her?

Sister Playing With Baby | Cute Baby & Sibling Photos | Baby AspenJacob Studios

Playing Outside

In the first year of the new baby’s life, most shots will be taken indoors where it’s safe and comfortable. But once there’s more outdoor time with big brother or sister–especially when he’s just learned how to walk–this is peak time for cute baby & sibling photos.

Brother Playing With Toddler Outside | Cute Baby & Sibling Photos | Baby AspenMorsa Images

Do you have adorable photos of baby with their sibling? Let us know in the comments!