6 Dino-Mite Gifts for Your Dino-Obsessed Baby

Dinosaurs are a favorite character amongst most little ones, and we have brought this classic character into the new millennia with these loveable dinosaur gifts. Whether you are looking for that perfect accent piece in your nursery or looking for the next great baby shower present, we’ve got you covered. We’re sharing six of our favorite dino themed gifts!

1. Dinosaur 5-Piece Welcome Home Gift Set

The first one our list is this five-piece gift set. It makes a wonderful welcome home gift and comes with a triceratops rattle plush, a bib, a blanket, a pair of socks, and a hat for your new little dinosaur! Baby will be covered from head to toe in his favorite print. Plus, you will be at ease knowing that the quality of these items will outlast even the toughest T-Rex.

5 Piece Welcome Home Set | 6 Dino Mite Gifts for Your Dino Obsessed Baby | Baby Aspen

2. Dino Baby Nursery Decor Wall Art

This dino baby nursery decor wall art set is so cute and will be the perfect addition to every dino themed room. Customize them with your little one’s name to add a personal touch to baby’s nursery. Not only are they great art pieces, but they also make a solid impact with their poster size of 16×20.

6 Dino-Mite Gifts for Your Dino-Obsessed Baby

3. Dinosaur 2-Piece Bath Gift Set

This dinosaur bath set may be the crown jewel of these dino gifts. Baby will be sure to giggle when he gets scrubbed with this scrubby mitt and happily walk into this dino hooded towel to dry off. The set is durable and easy to clean. Every dino lover is going to need one. 6 Dino-Mite Gifts for Your Dino-Obsessed Baby

4. Dino Baby T-Rex Porcelain Bank

Have you seen anything cuter than this dino bank? The coin drop is in its mouth. Your little one will have so much fun putting money into this T-rex bank. It’s made out of heirloom quality porcelain and is sturdy enough to last through the years.

Dino Baby T-Rex Porcelain Bank

5. Dino Growth Chart

You won’t miss an inch with this awesomely roaring dino growth chart. It’s a great nursery decoration that will complement the three-piece wall art and the coin bank. As baby gets older, he’ll want to keep running over to his growth chart to measure his height. Also, you will love the size, quality, and price of it.

6 Dino-Mite Gifts for Your Dino-Obsessed Baby

6. Dino Diaper Caddy

We saved the best for last with our dinosaur diaper caddy organizer. This is one of those gifts that every mother needs. The amount of pockets and storage this diaper caddy has is unheard of. You can organize this caddy any way you want with its removable velcro straps. It’s made of high quality felt, which is helpful when carrying this diaper caddy around, keeping it sturdy. You’ll be able to change a diaper quickly in the car or have easy access to all your essential baby care supplies.

6 Dino-Mite Gifts for Your Dino-Obsessed Baby