7 Easy Room Decor for Baby to Toddler

Before you know it, your sweet baby will turn into an adventurous toddler! Whether your little one is starting to run or learning to dress herself, there are functional décor pieces that will easily transition from infancy to toddler years. These multipurpose decoration pieces that can be used right into toddlerhood will give parents an ease of mind and an ease on the bank account! And yes, they are certainly made to withstand the “terrible twos”. Keep reading to check out a few signature classics that never go out of style and can be used for several years, even into adulthood!

1. The Dollhouse Porcelain Bank

Every little princess needs a dollhouse, and this Dollhouse Porcelain Bank is the perfect one. This bank is a wonderful gift that will last well beyond the curious toddler phase. Your favorite girl can show it off on all her playdates with her gal pals. The bank is easy to wipe clean and made with sturdy construction. It’s a memorable keepsake that can pass down for generations to come.

Dollhouse Porcelain Bank | 7 Easy Room Decor From Baby to Toddler | Baby Aspen

2. Luxury Baby Bear Plush Plus Rattle for Baby

Do you remember your favorite bear from your childhood? Perhaps, you still have it. We bet you even have a few baby pics with your little bear. This Luxury Baby Bear Plush Plus Rattle for Baby is a classic gift for every baby in your life. The high pile velour and knit body make this bear a cuddly and comforting toy for your infant. The gift also includes a small plush blue bunny rattle. The set will hold sentimental value for you and your little one as he gets older. Tip for parents: you can hand wash them as well.

Luxury Baby Bear Plush Rattle Baby | 7 Easy Room Decor From Baby to Toddler | Baby Aspen

3. Woodland Hanging Growth Chart

Look at this cute nugget measuring almost 3 feet tall! Every house with a little one needs a Hanging Growth Chart. This woodlands-themed growth chart is suitable from new walkers to grown adults. It measures up to 6 feet tall so you can track the heights of all the young ones in the family. The neutral colors on the growth chart allow you to hang it in any room in the house, whether you choose the nursery or the bathroom. With its canvas material, you’re able to write directly on the chart. Be sure to use a sharpie so you can reminisce on the days your teenager was a wee one.

Woodlands Growth Chart | 7 Easy Room Decor From Baby to Toddler | Baby Aspen

4. Parker the Puppy Plush Plus Socks for Baby

How adorable is this precious face? Is there a better friendship than a man and his dog? Parker the Puppy Plush and Socks for Baby is the perfect plush for baby. This soft puppy comes with 3 pairs of socks. Each pair of socks has a different puppy-themed pattern, making it a standout in baby photos. When baby gets ready in the mornings, he can wear his favorite pair and place another pair on Parker. And as your little one outgrows the socks, he can still play with Parker.

Parker the Puppy Plush Plus Socks | 7 Easy Room Decor From Baby to Toddler | Baby Aspen


5. Simply Enchanted Castle Wall Organizer

Every Mama-Bear knows just how tough it is to organize all the items a tiny human needs. It’s amazing how many things are actually essential for our favorite little people. This Simply Enchanted Castle Wall Organizer is not only an adorable must-have for every baby girl, but it’s functional too. It has four small pockets and one large pocket to store all of your baby’s needs. You can even clip baby’s hair bows and hang her headbands from the top pockets. When she gets a few years older, you can still keep her grooming essentials in the organizer, or keep all of her stuffed toys in there. Her nursery and soon to be big girl room is sure to be well equipped, well designed, and hassle-free for all moms out there.

Simply Enchanted Castle Wall Organizer | 7 Easy Room Decor From Baby to Toddler | Baby Aspen

6. Anchor Porcelain Bookends

Whether it’s a Dr. Seuss or Karen Katz story, books need a special place in the home. These Anchor Porcelain Bookends are just the right item to add to your future reader’s nursery. If you’re reading him a bedtime story or encouraging him to grab a book when he starts to play, these anchored bookends will be appealing to the eye and add a fun element to book storage. It also sets the tone for teaching your little ones to start cleaning up after themselves and putting their books away. Certainly a handy parenting tip for the future! They could be used for a nursery with a nautical or travel theme, or simply as an accent piece to any little girl’s pink nursery. They are a versatile gift, suited from infanthood to pre-teens.

Anchor Porcelain Bookends | 7 Easy Room Decor From Baby to Toddler | Baby Aspen


7. You Grow Girl Hanging Growth Chart

Who runs the world? Girls! The You Grow Girl Growth Chart is an inspirational piece that would be a great addition to any little girl’s room. The pops of bright colored flowers add such a delight to any room. It functions as a growth chart while also looking like a piece of trendy art. As she grows up, you get to remind her that she grows and glows with age. It’s a great play on words while empowering your favorite girl with the popular term “you go girl”! Without a doubt, it’s a show stopper. Set your girl up with a daily dose of positivity by adding this inspirational growth chart to her nursery.


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