Benefits of Tummy Time

Tummy time is fun and mastering tummy time is definitely is a huge milestone. But just like everything else with having a new baby, it usually sounds easier than it actually is. One secret that is key to helping mommy and baby enjoy tummy time is consistency. We put together a few other practical tips on how to make tummy time not only fun but a bonding and learning experience for everyone.


1. Pick the best spot

Lay down a nice, soft blanket like this Unicorn Plush Plus Blanket for Baby (Personalization Available) one. Make sure there’s plenty of room for baby to spread out and explore. Although your furry, four-legged friend may want to observe baby as well, keeping your dog away from baby during tummy time will keep your little one safe. When first starting tummy time you may not need any additional stimuli other than just a blanket, baby, and mommy or daddy. Taking your time and being patient with each other is step one for sure.

Unicorn Plush Plus Blanket for Baby | Benefits of Tummy Time | Baby Aspen


2. Pick the best time

Tummy time can start as soon as baby is born, but will take around 3 months for baby to confidently lift him head. Knowing when baby is ready for playtime is so important for mommy and baby. When tummy time falls between playing and nap time, there’s a lesser chance that baby will spit up any food. Plus, baby will most likely have the energy to do some exercising. The time for play will increase as baby grows older. Just like you’re consistent with baby’s bathtime and bedtime routine, you’ll want to keep baby’s tummy time consistent as well. It’ll also help him understand his routine better. A pillow like this Bedtime Stories Decorative Moon Pillow one can be used to help baby prop up his chest and help her lift his head.


Moon Pillow | Benefits of Tummy Time | Baby Aspen

3. Pick the best toys

Every day that your little one lays on his tummy and works to lift his head, he’s not only strengthening his neck but also his back, his abdomen, and his thighs. Having a toy that baby enjoys is great in the beginning to distract them. And as time goes by, it can become a tool to help baby look up, prop up, and keep stable once he starts sitting up. This My First Milestone Brown Bear Plush Plus Baby Age Blocks is a perfect toy for baby to play with. It even comes in handy for monthly photos too! As baby is playing with the bear, you can snap an updated monthly age picture. Gotta love a versatile toy.

My First Milestone Brown Bear Plush Plus Baby Age Blocks| Benefits of Tummy Time | Baby Aspen