Woodland Themed Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The new parents have picked their theme for their baby: Woodland animals! We’re talking swift foxes, supremely adorable hedgehogs, and majestic deer. Rather than sticking with the tried-and-true safari theme, this woodland themed baby shower celebrates the animals you could find right in your own backyard. Luckily, there’s a wealth of gifts that work great for this theme. From fluffy bathrobes to useful baby bibs, these gift ideas will provide a baby-approved moment that the parents will appreciate, too.

1. Woodland 4-Piece Gift Set

Why pick one gift when you can get the new baby a set of all their soon-to-be-favorite things? This woodland-themed gift set comes with a fluffy hedgehog rattle and matching gray and white hedgehog socks. Fasten the hedgehog pacifier clip to the woodland animal bib so baby never loses an important pacifier.

Woodland 4-Piece Gift Set

2. Woodland Hanging Growth Chart

With a woodland themed baby shower, there’s a good chance the cutesie animal theme extends into the nursery as well. Add a versatile wall-hanging like this growth chart. The parents can track the growth of their child over the years with the backdrop of a woodsy scene featuring a squirrel, deer, fox, and hedgehog.

Woodland Hanging Growth Chart

3. Deer Hooded Robe

Make bath time and bedtime a special nightly event with this deer hooded robe. Rather than a plain white bath robe, this buttery soft cotton terry robe features the face of an adorable deer on its hood. Look at those antlers! Plus, if you know the name of the new arrival, you can get their first initial on the front of the robe.

Deer Hooded Robe

4. Fox Bottle Buddy

Just because it’s time to eat doesn’t mean it can’t be time to cuddle as well. With this fox bottle buddy, baby can have both. Wrap the soft, light green velour with its 3-D plush fox around a bottle to add a bit of comfort. If you’re compiling a gift basket for this baby shower, include this with more practical mealtime items, like bottles and bibs.

Fox Bottle Buddy

5. Fox Hooded Robe

The deer robe we mentioned before features soft shades of tan and beige. If you want to get the new bundle of joy something a bit bolder, go for this fox hooded robe instead. The burnt orange terry cloth will make baby stand out, and the fox face on the hood will only add to the photo op. Get the baby’s initial sewn onto the front and you’ve got an A+ baby shower gift.

Fox Hooded Robe