6 Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes

Tricks, treats, ghosts, and goblins – Halloween is around the corner! You finally get to dress up your favorite tiny human. You will always remember what your little one wore for their very first Halloween. Will he be a golfer or a baby shark? Will you doll up your princess as a unicorn or make her an M.D.? So many fun choices to pick from and so many big decisions to make. Well, we’ve made the choice just a bit easier by sharing some of our adorable favorites! You have great options from these 6 adorable baby Halloween costumes. Act fast though, the trick-or-treaters are coming soon!

1. Baby M.D. 3-Piece Layette Set (Personalization Available)

Your little genius will be making their medical debut with this Baby M.D. 3-Piece Layette Set. You won’t have to worry about them making rotations out of state, they’ll be right at home doing all their medical duties! The layette comes with an adorable full sleeve onesie set, fitted booties, a hat, and a briefcase, made for picture-perfect moments.

Baby M.D. 3 Piece Layette Set

2. “Sweet Tee” 3-Piece Golf Layette Set

You’ll be right on PAR with this Sweet Tee 3 Piece Golf Layette Set. Boy or girl, it’s perfect for any golfing pro. The pom-poms on the head and socks just add even more cuteness to this sporty costume. Add a kiddie golfing stick and your baby will be ready for their hole in one!

Sweet Tee 3 Piece Golf Layette Set

3. Baby Pilot 2-Piece Layette Set (Personalization Available)

Your little nugget will be flying high with this Baby Pilot 2-Piece Layette Set. What’s the best part? You can personalize it to add his or her name. Everyone will know that your pilot is already making big moves and taking flight with this adorable outfit. Pair this costume with a soft toy plane for the perfect pilot costume.

Baby Pilot

4. Simply Enchanted Unicorn Hooded Spa Robe (Personalization Available)

It’s only fitting to dress the most magical little one in your life as a unicorn! This Simply Enchanted Unicorn Robe gives us sweet, ethereal vibes. Not only will your princess be comfy in this costume, but she’ll be snuggly for endless hugs too. Not to mention, the fact that its a robe makes it perfect for bath-time too. Your baby girl with get to use this mythical outfit in so many ways.Simply Enchanted Unicorn Hooded Spa Robe

5. Cow Hooded Robe (Personalization Available)

MOO-ve over farm friends, the Cow Hooded Robe has arrived. And we completely agree, it’s just the cutest. We know family dress up moments are so fun during Halloween and this costume makes for a great family theme! Mommy, Daddy, and siblings can all dress up as different types of farm animals. It’ll be a Halloween you’ll never forget.

Cow Hooded Robe

6. “Let The Fin Begin” Gray Shark Robe (Personalization Available)

This FIN-tastic costume is none other than the one-and-only baby shark! If you’re a Mommy or Daddy Shark, there is no way you haven’t heard “Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo, Doo”. With this Gray Shark Robe, your wee one will be the cutest shark on the block. Keep a Bluetooth speaker nearby and play the baby shark song as you take them trick-or-treating. We have a feeling your little one is going to get a lot of treats (for you to eat of course)!

Let the Fin Begin Gray Shark Robe