Ways to Use Your Milestone Blocks

Milestone blocks are a great way to document your baby's most important first moments. Time goes by so quickly in the first few years, you don't want to miss all of their epic changes. Although milestone blocks are typically used for pictures at each monthly age milestone, that doesn't mean they have to gather dust in the meantime. Here are some fun ways to keep them useful. 

1. Add Them to Your Block Collection

Although they may feature numbers as well as "days," "weeks," and "months," that doesn't mean milestone blocks won't find a welcome home in your growing block collection. Having blocks in a variety of shapes and sizes will help your baby use their imagination for new creations. Playtime is about to get a lot more interesting.

2. Use Them as a Teaching Aid

When it's time for learning numbers and colors, your milestone blocks will come in handy. Introduce the blocks into playtime and help count out the numbers. With numbers from 0 to 9, these blocks will help your baby become a counting master.

3. Make Tummy Time Fun

Fun toys are a necessity when it comes to tummy time. You'll want a variety of colors, shapes and sensations. Milestone blocks are colorful and soft, making them the perfect toy for this crucial playtime experience.

4. Decorate the Nursery

Even when they're not in-use, milestone blocks can still do their part. Place them on a shelf in the nursery for a quick bit of decor. You could even have them set up to reflect your little one's current age as a nice reminder.

5. Save Them for Bigger Milestones

Although the time block only goes up to "months," that doesn't mean you have to stop there. With the numbered blocks, you could use them for bigger milestones--even on their 18th birthday! Having milestone photos with the same blocks adds a whimsical touch to your photo albums.