Cribspiration: Wallpaper Trends

Surrounding your child in beautiful, colorful, and inspiring images will help them grow full and varied imaginations. Rather than plain walls for your nursery, go for one of these gorgeous wallpaper trends. Gone are the days of garish primary colors and simple illustrated designs. New wallpaper trends feature designs that look like they've come straight out of a magazine. Read on for some serious cribspiration.

1. Monochrome Rainbows

Rainbows are a hit for nurseries, but how do you bring them to the present day? Go for wallpaper designs that feature the rainbow motif with monochrome or subdued color schemes. The soft colors provide the wonder of rainbows with a relaxing vibe.


2. Age-Defying Geometrics

The main downside to childlike nursery wallpaper is that your child will soon grow out of the design. Rather than reaching for a woodland animal or circus theme, go for a chic, geometric wallpaper. This way, the design grows with your child or will be perfect when you want to convert the room to a home office after your kid goes off to college. Also, with geometric wallpaper, you can pull in any theme into the room with the right decor.


3. Artistic Wave Wallpaper

Even when your nursery has a distinctive design, you can still choose a wallpaper that brings an artistic floor. For a pirate or ocean-themed nursery, this gorgeous wave and mountain aesthetic fit the bill. At first glance, it feels abstract rather than being in-your-face about the theme.


4. Large Floral Wallpaper

This isn't your grandmother's floral wallpaper. Rather than an all-over design packed to the brim with tiny flowers, this trend features large flowers trickling from the ceiling. This is a great choice for a fairytale or woodsy nursery theme.