What are Baby’s Developmental Milestones? [Infographic]

Baby is growing up so fast! One second they’re entering the world and the next they are walking. While every baby grows at different paces, it’s nice to know the milestone markers.

Baby Developmental Milestones

Month to month, something new and exciting is happening in baby’s life! In the first month, baby starts to respond more to the world around them; lifting their head, reacting to sounds and becoming attracted to faces. The second and third months baby becomes more aware of their hands and feet. They begin to see their fingers in a new light, as well as opening and closing their hands. They may even begin to suck their thumb or fist. During this time, baby also begins to kick up a storm and even starts to put weight on their legs when pushed onto a hard surface!

Month four is the start of teething, so you’ll begin to see baby put more objects in their mouth, whether that’s a toy or their own hands. Rolling back and forth is also a month four milestone. Month six many parents introduce mushy solid foods to baby, which prompts a variety of changes as baby experiences new tastes, textures and food groups. Communication really increases around the six month mark, as baby responds more to noises, begins to “coo” and even attempts to “talk” by making vowel and consonant sounds.

In month seven, baby begins to sit without support and may even get into crawling position. The chatting and noise making become more and more frequent. By month eight, baby will either be on the verge of or already crawling. At month nine, baby understands object permanence. This means that not only is baby on the move, but they’re beginning to toss and investigate objects as well.

As month ten approaches, baby may be using furniture to pull themselves up from crawling to walking. Throughout this time, chatter continues to increase. And by month eleven, those coveted words “mama” and “daddy” are not only spoken but directed to the correct parent. By one year, baby can typically walk unassisted.

With baby growing and developing so much in the first year, this handy graphic helps prepare parents for a busy first year of developmental milestones.

Baby Development Milestones | Infographic | Baby Aspen

Happy parenting!