The Trendiest Babies on Instagram

Whoever said babies don’t have a sense of fashion clearly never saw these tots! From awesome poses to adorable faces to chic outfits, these little ladies and gents were born to be in front of the camera. So we want to send a special thanks to the moms and dads who have documented their cuteness on Instagram. We can’t get enough!

Trendy Baby

We even created an entire collection called Trendy Baby to show our love for baby fashion. It features patterned headbands, stylish leggings, modern bibs and more. So if you love dressing your little one up in the latest trends you will adore this collection!

So without further ado, here are six of the trendiest babies on Instagram:


Brayden | Trendiest Babies on Instagram | Baby Aspen

Brayden is a super stylish little man who loves to smile and show off his attitude. He is looking extra hip in his camouflage pants, jean vest and olive beanie. And every once in a while Brayden’s “sister,” a beautiful golden retriever, makes a guest appearance in his photos! Is there anything cuter than dogs and babies? Check out more of Brayden’s looks here.


Cherilynn | Trendiest Babies on Instagram | Baby Aspen

Cherilynn may not have been alive in the ’60s but she sure knows how to pull off this hippie-inspired look. The off-the-shoulder top, round glasses and flower headband are taking us back in time. She’s looking groovy baby! Whether she is rocking a new headband or making a silly face at the camera one thing always remains the same– she looks beyond cute! Check out more of Cherilynn’s looks here.


Hunter | Trendiest Babies on Instagram | Baby Aspen

Hunter can often be found wearing trendy beanies, flat brim hats and patterned pants. And while we love his funky apparel, we also love how versatile his style can be! He is looking especially dapper in this button down and with his hair combed to the side, don’t you think? The caption reads, “I should be on the cover of #GQ magazine!” … And we couldn’t agree more! Check out more of Hunter’s looks here.

Everlie Rose

Everlie Rose | Trendiest Babies on Instagram | Baby Aspen

Everlie Rose can pull off headbands better than anyone we know! Small, big, patterned, solid, cotton, wool… no matter the style, Everlie Rose makes it look terrific. She has taught us how great accessories can really make an outfit. And with those big, beautiful eyes, we think she looks like a real-life doll. Maybe next she’ll try one of Baby Aspen’s headbands!


Jack | Trendiest Babies on Instagram | Baby Aspen

This adorable little man may be small, but what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality! Jack is a 5-month-old filled with laughs and smiles. He is often dressed in shirts with funny sayings, but our favorite look is when Jack is wearing his wayfarers. Yes, they might be a little too big on his face, but that doesn’t make them any less adorable! Check out more of Jack’s looks here.


Charly | Trendiest Babies on Instagram | Baby Aspen

Charly is an adorable fashionista based in Utah. And she sure knows how to work a winter look! Between the leggings, flannel shirt, infinity scarf and beanie, at 1 years old Charly dresses better than most adults! Like Everlie Rose, Charly knows the importance of good hair accessories. She loves her beanies, bows and hats. And she looks cute-as-can-be in them, too! Check out more of Charly’s looks here.

Is your baby a trendy baby? Don’t forget to check out our Trendy Baby collection. We think you’ll love it!