The Benefits of Keeping Your Newborn on a Schedule

The Benefits of Keeping Your Newborn on a Schedule

The first days, weeks, and even months after your baby's born can feel hectic. All the advice you've read or been given by family and friends has flown out the window and now your entire world revolves around your little one. Though it may require some preparation and trial and error, creating a schedule for your newborn helps both you and the baby. Planning out when to sleep, eat, and play will add the structure you need to regain control over your world.

Newborn Schedule

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1. Starting Healthy Habits Early

As your child gets older, it can be difficult to introduce schedules and rules without a bit of a fight. However, if you start a routine early, this habit can be ingrained in their behavior from the beginning. Rather than fighting over bedtime when they're five, instill healthy habits now.


2. Sleep and Feeding Schedules From Science

A sleep and feeding schedule has real benefits for Baby according to science. A study found that breastfed babies fed between 10 PM and midnight slept for longer through the night than babies who didn't have that focused schedule. Following a tried-and-true routine could mean the difference between a good night's sleep and restlessness.

3. Taking the Mystery Out of Baby's Cries

The first thing you learn when you're a new parent is that a baby's cries can mean anything. Part of those first weeks is solving the mystery. When your baby is on a routine, you'll have a much easier time figuring out what's wrong. For example, if they start crying around a designated feeding time, all signs point to hunger.

4. Adding Connection to the Routine

Creating a routine for your newborn isn't just about getting their sleep and feeding on a schedule. As you figure out the best routine for you, add parental connection to the mix. Focused play, skin-to-skin, and bath time adds connections that create lasting bonds.

5. A Schedule of Your Own

Let's be real: A good schedule for your newborn is a great schedule for you. If you're routine-free, you'll find it impossible to do even simple things like shower. By creating a routine, you'll get to carve out a bit of much-needed time for yourself. 

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