Our Favorite Mom & Baby Photos

There’s nothing like a mother’s love to brighten a day. Whether it is spending five minutes laughing on the floor or having deep bonding moments, those times are priceless. Quality time with your mom is something that usually puts a grin on a kids face. How can you not smile when you’re around someone who cherishes you so much? So it was only fitting for us to list of our favorite mom and baby photos that show exactly this!

1. theoverwhelmedmommy

All moms have felt as if there is not enough time in the day to tackle everything she needs to get done. And of course, something always has to give… typically it’s her sanity. But there is nothing like a smile from her little one to keep her going. Ava’s little grin was all Jenn needed at this moment.

theoverwhelmedmommy | Our Favorite Mom & Baby Photos | Baby Aspen@theoverwhelmedmommy

2. sandyalamode

What is cuter than a little girl trying to be just like her mom… matching her mom! This harmonizing duo is the epitome of cute. Not just anyone can pull off “mommy and me” fashion but Sandy and her daughter have nailed it. If you don’t believe us, check them out on Instagram.

sandyalamode | Our Favorite Mom & Baby Photos | Baby Aspen@sandyalamode

3. denupzter

Who said kissing mommy was embarrassing? Definitely not Anupa’s son Mikey. He will plant one on her for the whole world to see. With one in her arms and one in the oven, this mom is sure to have a future full of kisses and joy.

denupzter | Our Favorite Mom & Baby Photos | Baby Aspen@denupzter

4. namastetiff

Who thought kids were good for taking up all of your time and stressing you out? Not Tiff – her babies are her workout partners! There’s nothing like having your kids’ encouragement to make something, like working out, seem more enjoyable. We are sure the laughs and giggles didn’t hurt either.

namastetiff | Our Favorite Mom & Baby Photos | Baby Aspen@namastetiff

5. melrwhite

What additional motivation does this Mompreneur need we she gets to see this bright smile every day? Mel-the supermom-does it all and always has a full schedule on her plate. We are quite sure her adorable daughter is just what she needs to keep her inspired. But we know a smile like that only comes when a mom loves you so much!

melrwhite | Our Favorite Mom & Baby Photos | Baby Aspen@melrwhite

6. elizabethbkimbrough

There’s nothing like gazing into a new baby’s eyes to bring a mother joy and peace. It’s such a great way to solidify that special bond between mother and child. It is evident on Elizabeth’s face the love she has for her daughter Violet. What a precious moment!

elizabethbkimbrough | Our Favorite Mom & Baby Photos | Baby Aspen@elizabethbkimbrough

7. stylefitfatty

So you think Tina Fey is funny? Well according to Ames, his mother is the funniest person on the planet. It seems as if Fatima has the best job after being a mother, making sure she keeps laughing smiles on her three angels’ faces. So far it looks like she is doing a great job!

stylefitfatty | Our Favorite Mom & Baby Photos | Baby Aspen@stylefitfatty

8. meghatesvegetables

When a kiss from mommy just makes everything ok! They certainly do for Megan’s adorable little man. The pure happiness on his face says everything. We all know there is nothing like love from a mother – the kisses are just the added bonus!


meghatesvegetables | Our Favorite Mom & Baby Photos | Baby Aspen@meghatesvegetables

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