Fun Baby Shower Games + Printables

When you first think of baby showers, what comes to mind? Likely your imagination is flooded with images of piles of pastel-wrapped presents and adorable little baby-themed finger foods. While those things are no doubt staples of this baby-centered celebration, there’s something you might be missing: The games! The best baby shower games are both fun and relevant as to why you’ve all gathered together. They should tie in both mommy and baby, perhaps with fun prizes for whoever wins.

What games should you play? Not only do we have some fun ideas for memorable baby shower games, but we also have links to download each game. That’s right, we’re talking free printables for all of our Baby Aspen Blog readers who are ready for fun games. Check them out below!

1. Who Knows Mommy Best

The guest list is probably filled with people from all areas of the new mom’s life. But you know what they all have in common? They know the fun, funny, and intimate details of mom’s life. Or at least, most of them should! What better way to test their knowledge than with a “Who Knows Mommy Best?” game. Hand out a sheet to every guest and give them some time to fill in their guesses. Have the mom-to-be fill one out as well with the answers. When everyone’s ready, Mom will read out the answers. Whoever gets the most right wins!

Who Knows Mommy Best Game | Fun Baby Shower Games + Printables | Baby Aspen

Download: Who Knows Mommy Best – Little Peanut

Download: Who Knows Mommy Best – Bedtime Stories


2. Our Wishes For Baby

This one is less of a game that can be won and more of a fun keepsake that the baby can experience as she grows. Leave these “Our Wishes for Baby” notes on the games table and ask guests to fill them out. Mom can read them to the group to hear some of the fun and heartwarming answers, but the best thing about this “game” comes later. The new parents can take these out when their child is old enough to understand and read the well-wishes from family members and friends.

Our Wishes For Baby | Fun Baby Shower Games + Printables | Baby Aspen

Download: Wishes For Baby – Bedtime Stories

Download: Wishes For Baby – Little Peanut

3. Word Scramble Baby Edition

Here’s a fun game for the quick-witted or those who love word puzzles. Divide the group into small teams and hand out these word scrambles. Every answer is baby-related. We even provide the answer key in the downloadable printables. And, of course, whoever finishes first and gets them all right wins a prize.

Word Scramble Baby Edition | Fun Baby Shower Games + Printables | Baby Aspen

Download: Word Scramble – Bedtime Stories

Download: Word Scramble – Little Peanut