Fan Friday: A Snuggle Sack Fit For Fall

Happy Friday! This little cutie is getting ‘beary’ bundled up and enjoying this fall weather.

A Cuddle Worthy Snuggle Sack

Thanksgiving has passed and it’s starting to get even colder! It’s time for baby to get layered up as we make our way to winter. What better way to stay warm than cuddle your little one in a snuggle sack?

These wearable blankets come in all different colors and designs for every type of baby! For the woodsy baby that can’t sleep a wink, the “My Little Night Owl” Snuggle Sack and Cap will make you say “whooo is that cute baby?” We also offer a simple blue and pink wearable blanket for the parents who just wants sweet snuggles with their cutie.

Look no further for that perfect gender neutral gift for an upcoming shower than a muslin lullaby wearable blanket! With it’s neutral constellation print, there’s no way you can go wrong.

Happy Camper Snuggle Sack Baby Aspen Fan Photo by @ryder_koa via InstagramPhoto Credit: @ryder_koa via Instagram

Want to see your baby in other ‘beary’ cute items? Our Happy Camper Collection is just what you need! Filled with cozy rustic charm, these bibs, pajamas, hats, and so much more are here to keep your little one looking their best all season long!

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