Fan Friday: A Fin-Tastic Baby Bath Robe

Q: Why did the shark cross the great barrier reef?
A: To get to the other TIDE

We shared 11 Adorable Babies in Shark Robes on Monday, and we’re finishing out this ocean-inspired week with this baby shark from @sara_mccarty! When Sarah posted this adorable picture of Mim in her baby bath robe, we couldn’t help but smile. She’s a shark with a sense of humor!

Be sure to check out Sara’s blog, Running From The Law, for another great Baby Aspen Shark Robe giveaway!

Baby Aspen Shark Robe | Fan Friday @sara_mccarty

Are you a shark fin-atic too? We have plenty of shark-themed baby gifts for you to choose from. Your baby can soon be sporting a baby bath robe, too!

Remember, if you have photos of your little one in a shark robe, post and tag your photo with hashtag #BabyAspenGifts, and you could be a featured fan photo!