Dogs & Babies Make the Cutest Napping Buddies

There are very few things more adorable than a sweet newborn sleeping in his or her crib. Their soft skin, big yawns and tiny fingers can make anyone smile. So when you add a cute and fluffy dog to the mix… game over.

In honor of National Puppy Day, we’re sharing 6 photos of dogs and babies who make the cutest napping buddies! Get ready for cuteness overload!

Cuddle Buddies

After hours of playing together, these two little guys nap together, too. And by the looks of it, neither of them are scared to cuddle! Dogs really are a man’s best friend – no matter what size or age he is!

Dog and Baby Cuddling | Photo via Instagram @wellettas | Baby Aspen
Photo Credit: @wellettas via Instagram

Tucked In and Ready for Bed

This little guy might not be sleeping quite yet, but by the looks of that yawn he will be soon! Him and his puppy buddy are all tucked in and ready for a nice long nap. How cozy do they look under that blanket?!

Baby and Pup Cozy Under the Covers | Dog and Baby Napping Buddies | Baby Aspen

The Watch Dog

Watching over baby as he sleeps, you can tell this dog is very protective of the little one! He will make sure nothing happens to baby as he sleeps. I bet mom and dad feel extra safe knowing someone else cares for baby as much as they do!

Dog Protecting Baby as He Sleeps | Amie Fedora Photography via Frosted Petticoat Blog | Baby Aspen
Photo Credit: Amie Fedora Photography via Frosted Petticoat Blog

Puppy Kisses

From playing in the sand to watching tv and everything in between, this little lady and her doggy pal share everything together! And when they’ve tired out after a long activity they crawl into bed for a nap, but not before sharing a quick kiss! How cute!

Dog and Baby Kiss | Photo via Instagram @bullyandthebabe | Baby Aspen
Photo Credit: @bullyandthebabe via Instagram

Furry Friends

This dachshund and his little human can fall asleep just about anywhere – this carpet included! And while tend to prefer beds to floors, we can’t deny how sweet they look napping together!

Newboarn Baby and Dachshund | Dog and Baby Napping Buddies | Baby Aspen

Sleepy Sidekicks

Is it just us or could you watch this puppy baby duo sleep forever? They are just too cute! Both baby and pup were new to this world when the photo was taken, and we bet they grew up to be best buds!

Newborn Baby & Puppy | Capture by Carrie Photography | Baby Aspen
Photo Credit: Capture by Carrie

And here at Baby Aspen we think all babies should sleep with puppies – even if its just puppy pajamas!

"Puppy Pal" Two-Piece Layette Set for Baby | Baby Aspen

Which of these dog and baby duos did you think was the cutest? Let us know in the comments!