Cribspiration: A Woodland Nursery

No matter your child’s age, a woodland nursery evokes a certain warm and cozy feeling. There isn’t just one style of woodland nursery. You can incorporate all things woodland from the choice in wallpaper to the child’s crib, or you keep things minimal and add a few stand out pieces that give the room that woodland feel. Either way, you can’t go wrong when designing for this charming theme. Need a few ideas before committing to decor pieces? Keep reading for some dreamy woodland cribspiration!

Warm Tone Woodland Nursery Ideas

A woodland nursery finds inspiration from the great outdoors, and maybe even your backyard. Deciding between a warm tone or a cool tone nursery color palette can be helpful when choosing how to design for the space. A warm-tone woodland nursery includes shades of creme, brown, mustard, orange, and green. Wooden accents, greenery, and forest animals are a must! You can even add pops of color and texture to play with the aesthetic even more! Either way, baby will enjoy waking up and playing in this room designed just for him!

Woodland Nursery Inspo 1



Woodland Nursery Inspo 2



Woodland Nursery Inspo 3


Cool Tone Nursery Ideas

On the other hand, a cool tone woodland nursery sets the mood for a good night’s rest. Grey and blue hues stand out against the orange and brown colors of the decor like stuffed animals and wall prints. A cool tone nursery has wooden accents too. Incorporating white or light wood instead of a darker finish will match the cooler palette perfectly. Whether designing for a baby girl or boy, the woodland theme is a wonderful gender neutral theme!

Woodland Nursery Inspo 4



Woodland Nursery Inspo 5



Woodland Nursery Inspo 6


A decor accessory that would fit great into this theme is this woodland growth chart. Featuring adorable woodland animals, it’s a cute way to embrace the theme, measure growth, and watch how time flys. The hanging growth chart measures up to six feet, so the whole family can have fun and take part in comparing each other’s heights.

Woodland Hanging Growth Chart