Baby Trend Colors for 2021

Just like clothing, accessories, and even cars, trends change from year to year when it comes to color. While bright Barbie pink might have once been the shade of choice for a baby's nursery, that trend has long since passed. If you're looking for nursery or baby shower color ideas, check out what's going to be in for 2021. We're talking gender neutral color combos with comforting or earthy tones, along with Pantone's colors of the year for 2021.

1. Aqua and Lavender

Though aqua and lavender have been color favorites for some time, 2021 sees these shades making their debut as a duo. Pick one color as the main shade and the other as the accent. In this gorgeous nursery, they've got aqua walls and furniture with splashes of lavender in the pillows, blankets, and wall art.

Aqua and Lavender

Home by Heidi

2. Shale Green and Cream

Rather than the bright shades of lime or primary green, 2021 is seeing the soothing shade of shale green as a must for a nursery. The rustic, natural shade goes well with neutral creams and off-whites. Whether you're going with a whole accent wall or splashes of shale green, the baby's room will look fresh and comforting.

Shale Green and Cream


3. Burnt Sienna and Gold

Like shale green, burnt sienna is a rich, natural shade--but rather than invoking visions of the forest, this warm tone transports you and Baby to the desert. Combine rusty oranges and reds with splashes of gold and mustard for a magazine-worthy baby room. This color scheme works well as accents while keeping the rest of the room stark white.

Burnt Sienna and Gold

Kandis Marino

4. Pantone 2021: Ultimate Gray

The authority on all things color, Pantone, announced their colors of the year for 2021, one of which was Ultimate Gray. This ultra-neutral shade is a little tricky to work with, but if you can pull it off you're left with a chic nursery. Little touches of color and bright lighting prevent this shade from going too dark.

Ultimate Gray

Kristin Eldridge

5. Pantone 2021: Illuminating

The other Pantone color of the year for 2021 is called Illuminating. It's a pale butter yellow that invokes feelings of summery sunshine. The paler the better with this shade. Whether it's the wallpaper, curtains or bedding, Illuminating makes a sunny shade for 2021.


Apartment Therapy