A Monochrome Nursery

You don’t want just any old nursery for your upcoming bundle of joy. While colorful palettes and an abundance of circus animals are all well and good for most new parents, you want to decorate your nursery so it’s stylish as well as adorable. A monochrome nursery will make your home look like something out of a magazine. Additionally, there’s some debate in the world of child development that black and white can actually stimulate the baby’s mind and eyesight better than color can. So, break out your black and white paint and your cozy gray blankets and get ready for some serious monochrome nursery design inspiration.

1. The Artsy Accent Wall

If you have the artistic ability or a really skilled friend, a mural is a great way to turn a boring nursery into something special. Even though you’re going for the monochrome look, you can still make an interesting mural on one of the walls of the nursery. If this cool mountainscape seems like too much for you, a simple geometric design works, too. All you need is a few shades of white, gray and black, brushes or rollers, and painter’s tape.

Monochrome Nursery: Mural | A Monochrome Nursery | Baby Aspen

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2. The Black and White Crib

The crib is an easy place to incorporate the monochrome color scheme. Paint the wood black and white to match with the rest of the baby’s room. You could paint the frame black with the rest of the crib white or alternate slats in your black, white and gray colors.

Monochrome Nursery | A Monochrome Nursery | Baby Aspen

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3. The Neutral Accent Rug

As your eye is drawn to the rug, you’ll want to go soft for these colors. Rather than a heavily contrasted black or white rug, go with an inviting gray. The fluffier the rug, the better, so your baby has a favorite place for tummy time.

Monochrome Nursery | A Monochrome Nursery | Baby Aspen

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4. The Zebra Bank

What about the cute little items that make a baby room feel like home? If you’re looking to fill space on the nursery’s bookshelves with something adorable and monochrome, go for this black and white Zebra Bank. Fill it with change over the years so your little one can grow up with the skill of saving money…in style!

Zebra Bank | A Monochrome Nursery | Baby Aspen

5. The Monochrome Accessories

What about the useful necessities you need in a nursery? They can come in grey and white, too! For instance, this diaper bag carries everything you need and comes with a matching changing pad, key ring, and little zipper top bag. Now you can be stylish along with the nursery.

Diaper Bag | A Monochrome Nursery | Baby Aspen


Planning a nursery for your little one? Let us know your favorite themes in the comments below!

Happy Parenting!