A Festive Fall First Birthday Party

Your kiddo is about to turn one and it’s time to host his or her very first birthday party. With the birthday occurring in the chilly autumn months, why not embrace the season and host a festive fall first birthday party? Our planning tips will help you turn a potentially average birthday party into an event that will live on forever in pictures and memories.

1. Dress Your Baby for the Occasion

Your baby only turns one once! It’s time to go all out, and you can do that by dressing him in an outfit that’s special for the occasion. This Little Fella outfit features a built-in tie with a #1 across the front. It features a blue bodysuit and blue and white seersucker shorts that match the collar and cuffs. The set also comes with matching socks that make him look like he’s wearing cute little shoes.

Little Fella Birthday Outfit | A Festive Fall First Birthday Party | Baby Aspen

Or, get your little girl a First Birthday Tutu Outfit. The three-piece set’s focal point is the adorable combo of bodysuit and pink tutu. The bodysuit has “One” written across the front in sparkly gold lettering. To match, pop the matching headband in her hair, complete with a pretty gold bow.

First Birthday Tutu Outfit | A Festive Fall First Birthday Party | Baby Aspen

2. Carve Pumpkins

Fall is all about pumpkins! Decorating with these crowd favorites also fits in nicely with a “Little Pumpkin” theme. Decorate with both whole and carved pumpkins of varying sizes. For instance, you could carve a #1 into the side like the pumpkin below. Vary up the decorations by surrounding pumpkins with pine cones or colorful fallen leaves. Not only do these natural decorations look great, but that bring the lovely autumn scent indoors.

Carving Pumpkins | A Festive Fall First Birthday Party | Baby AspenAlison Donahue Photography

3. Celebrate With Soup

Nothing says “fall comfort food” like soup. Both your guests and the birthday girl or boy can partake in tasty soups. Provide a variety of fall favorites, like butternut squash, tomato or chili. Turn it into a soup bar by providing a variety of potential toppings or sides, like pumpkin seeds, grilled cheese sandwiches or crumbly cheese.

Soup Bar | A Festive Fall First Birthday Party | Baby AspenCelebrations at Home

4. Serve a Fall-Themed Cake

You can’t have a birthday party without cake. Even if it tastes like a traditional vanilla cake, shaping your star dessert into a fall item, like a pumpkin, turns it into a festive treat.

Pumpkin Cake | A Festive Fall First Birthday Party | Baby AspenKaren’s Bakery & Cafe

5. Don’t Forget the Smash Cake!

Then there’s always the tradition of the smash cake–a smaller cake made just for baby. She gets to smash it all she likes and it makes for a seriously cute photo-op.

Pumpkin Smash Cake | A Festive Fall First Birthday Party | Baby Aspenj’adore gâteau