5 Simple Ideas For The Perfect Fall Baby Shower

Fall is in full swing and so are fun baby showers! Planing one yourself? Here are 5 simple touches to have the perfect fall baby shower!

1. Decorate Baby Pumpkins

For the perfect party decoration or fun craft with guests, decorate baby pumpkins! Just cut the end off a pacifier, attach it to the base of the pumpkin with pins, use a black marker for the eyes, and top if off with a baby’s cap or if the pumpkin has a long curly stem, tie on a bow.

Pacifier Baby Pumpkin Decoration | FamilyFun Magazine via ParentFamilyFun Magazine via Parents

2. Mix A Batch of Pregatinis

Who says you need alcohol to have a great party?! Mix together grapefruit juice, Sprite or 7Up, simple syrup, and grenadine to make the perfect non alcoholic beverage everyone can enjoy!

Virgin/Non Alcoholic Pregatinis | Handmade MoodHandmade Mood

3. Decorate with Fall Favorites

With such adorable drinks on the menu, make sure to have them labeled for your guests. place card holders make for the perfect fall decoration! You could also keep the theme with other decorations like acorn salt and pepper shakers, tea light holders, and coasters!

Pinecone Place Card Holders | dorindaevedorindaeve

4. Bake Some Pumpkin Treats

When people think of fall, the first thing to pop into a lot of people’s minds are pumpkins. Create your own pumpkin patch by baking adorable decorated pumpkin cupcakes, pumpkin spiced cake optional.

Pumpkin Cupcakes | your cup of cake your cup of cake

5. Treat Your Guests With A Popping Favor

With the mother-to-be about to “pop,” why not have a favor that matches? Wrap popcorn in green paper to create shucks of corn straight from the farm! You can always use personalized favor bags for an even more memorable treat!

Popcorn Favor Bags | My Incredible RecipeMy Incredible Recipes

What ideas will you use for your fall baby shower? Let us know in the comments!