4 Gifts for Baby Royalty

Let’s be honest – Once a little one joins the family they become king or queen – or prince and princess – of the household! So why not dress the new adorable additions to the family in gear that shows off their royalty? Our Little Prince and Little Princess collections are filled with gifts that will make your little prince or princess shine!

Hooded Robe

Little princes and princesses have to take baths, too! And while we have many different styles to choose from, what better robe to wrap your little prince in than a blue Little Prince Hooded Spa Robe with a silver foil crown applique! Or maybe you want to keep your little princess cozy after bath time? We have a snuggly white Little Princess Hooded Spa Robe with a pink crown applique for the little ladies out there, too.

Little Princes and Princes Hooded Spa Robes | Baby Aspen

Ceramic Crown Bank

It’s never too early to start teaching your little ones the importance of money! And banks are not only practical, but they’re also a great way to add some fun decor to your baby’s nursery. Decorating your little man’s room in a soft blue prince theme? This Little Prince Ceramic Crown Bank will look adorable on his dresser. And baby girl’s soft pink room will come together with a Little Princess Ceramic Crown Bank.

Little Prince Bank | Baby Aspen

Little Princess Bank | Baby Aspen

Bodysuit & Socks Set

Your baby royalty should always be dressed to impress, so these bodysuits and matching socks are just what you need! Comfy, practical and adorable, this set comes in both a blue set and and pink set and can be personalized with their names! Dressing your little kings and queens has never been so easy!

Little Prince Body Suit & Socks | Baby Aspen

Little Princess Body Suit & Socks | Baby Aspen

Footed Pajama Set

Ordinary pajamas just won’t cut it for the little princes and princesses in your life! They deserve something that is comfortable and shows off how special they are. Our Little Prince Pajama Gift Set and Little Princess Pajama Gift Set features two cozy products in one: footed pajamas and a cap to match!

Little Prince Pajamas | Baby Aspen

Little Princess Pajamas | Baby Aspen

Do you have a baby royalty of your own? Which of these royal gifts do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!