Cribspiration: A Boho Chic Safari Nursery

Typically, when you see pictures of safari nurseries, they’re filled with bright colors and an abundance of stuffed animals. But, with all surfaces covered in safari figurines and primary colors, it’s easy to tip over the taste scale into gaudy territory. Just because the nursery is embracing the African safari doesn’t mean the decor can’t be magazine-level chic. Woven fabrics, natural fiber rugs, and tasteful animal decor create a boho-chic safari oasis that your kid will love as they grow. Today’s cribspiration is all about the boho-chic safari nursery of your dreams.

1. Little Splashes of Color

A boho-chic nursery color palette is filled with natural colors like cream, white, and beige. That doesn’t mean you can’t have a few pops of color, though. Invoke African sunsets or the lush shade of a lion’s mane with yellow accents. A few well-placed accent pillows or a bold yellow curtain does wonders to create a rich, cohesive design. Plus, yellow is the perfect gender-neutral nursery color for any animal-lover.


Jillian Harris Nursery | Cribspiration: A Boho Chic Safari Nursery | Baby Aspen

Jillian Harris

2. Animal Accents

Naturally, you can’t have a safari without the animals. Go for tasteful wall hangings of elephants and zebras along with stuffed giraffes or lions. Vary the shape, texture, and material of the animals to create a dynamic safari atmosphere. The nursery below features a variety of animals, all while avoiding the nursery looking over-stuffed.


Hannah Levine | Cribspiration: A Boho Chic Safari Nursery | Baby Aspen

Hanna Levine

3. Natural Textures

Boho chic captures the safari vibe by incorporating natural fibers and textures. Wrap electrical cords in twine or jute rope. Pick wall hanging and accents of raw wood for a uniquely rustic feel. Not only do woven baskets capture that natural aesthetic, but they’re often more durable for an active child.


A Little Bit etc | Cribspiration: A Boho Chic Safari Nursery | Baby Aspen

A Little Bit etc

4. Welcome Greenery

Picture this safari nursery as a relaxing oasis for both you and your child. Every great oasis features a few well-placed plants. Whether they’re hanging from a DIY mobile, surrounding the wooden crib, or captured in the print of a blanket or accent pillow, the greenery will make the nursery feel lush.


Luvly Decora | Cribspiration: A Boho Chic Safari Nursery | Baby Aspen

Luvly Decora

5. Zebra Bookshelf Inspiration

Wondering what to put amidst all your baby’s favorite books? Nestle this adorable ceramic zebra bank among the books and knick-knacks. Not only does it fit right in with the safari theme, but it also teaches your kid the importance of saving as he gets older.



Zebra Bank | Cribspiration: A Boho Chic Safari Nursery | Baby Aspen


6. Functional Safari Gifts

Just because it’s boho-chic doesn’t mean it can’t be functional. Carry your kid’s diapers, ointments, and toys in style with this lion diaper caddy. The removable velcro flaps make this sturdy lion organizer completely customizable to your taste. Plus, it can withstand any rumble in the jungle for years to come.


Lion Diaper Caddy Organizer | Cribspiration: A Boho Chic Safari Nursery | Baby Aspen