7 Exciting Gender Reveal Ideas

More and more expecting parents are gathering close family and friends for a new kind of baby shower – a gender reveal party! Some couples entrust someone else to organize the reveal so they can find out with their guests, and other couples know the gender of their baby before the party so they can come up with a surprise. Both options are memorable ways to celebrate the exciting news. Whether you are hosting your own party or planning one for a dear friend, here are seven gender reveal ideas for sharing the surprise:

A Box of Balloons

You’re guaranteed to get a priceless reaction when the balloons escape toward the sky! Whether you’re celebrating with a lavish baby shower or an intimate gathering, this gender reveal idea will rise to the occasion.

Gender Reveal Party Ideas on the Baby Aspen BlogElizabeth Messina via Inspired By This

Do you recognize these two? It’s Giuliana and Bill Rancic at their lavish baby shower, coordinated by Mindy Weiss!

A Photobooth

Poke a pinhole in one balloon, so that the proper color inflates when you step in the photobooth. Ready, set, blow! This is a great gender reveal for each other or for family far away. Wouldn’t this be a fun announcement to find in the mail?

Gender Reveal Party Ideas on the Baby Aspen BlogDesign For Mankind

Black Balloons

Black balloons make chic party decor elements that serve double duty as a unique means of revealing gender. Have a trusted confidant pour pink or blue confetti inside a black balloon before filling it with helium. Look how delighted everyone is to see the confetti fly!

Gender Reveal Party Ideas on the Baby Aspen BlogJulia Azcona and PomMagic via The Little Umbrella


Cupcakes are simple sweets that allow the whole party to participate in the big reveal! Fill the insides with colored icing indicating the baby’s gender. Then, when it’s time for dessert, pass them out and let everyone take a bite on the count of 3 .

Gender Reveal Party Ideas on the Baby Aspen BlogGarnish and Glaze


A gender reveal cake ensures that the Mommy and Daddy-to-be get the first peek at the surprise. Everyone anxiously awaits their reaction as they cut the cake and share a slice!

Gender Reveal Party Ideas on the Baby Aspen Bloglulliloo photography and Sweeter Still Cupcakes via The Little Umbrella


Here’s a crafty way to share your big news – with glitter! Use a glue stick to spell out “boy” or “girl” and gently blow pink or blue glitter to reveal the message. Capture some shots of the special moment for the big announcement.

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If you’re feeling like you’re about to “pop,” this is an appropriate idea. You’ll need both pink and blue gumballs for the pictures. First, have an intimate reveal with your partner. Face each other and close your eyes. Next, have someone open the envelope with your baby’s gender and place a pink or blue gumball in each of your mouths. Blow a bubble and open your eyes!

Now it’s time to share with the family. Blow a bubble for them to see!

Gender Reveal Party Ideas on the Baby Aspen BlogTwin Pearl Photography and My Sweet Indulgence via The Frosted Petticoat


For this messy reveal, a rooftop is the perfect location. You’ll be bursting with excitement when the confetti flutters out of these party poppers!

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Stir up some excitement with a guessing game for guests! Kate Aspen has a great free mustache and lips printable to get you started!

Gender Reveal Party Ideas on the Baby Aspen Blog

Gender Reveal Party Ideas on the Baby Aspen BlogKate Aspen

Not finding out? No problem! There are plenty of gender-neutral baby shower ideas we love, too!