6 Amazing Gifts for New Moms

Welcoming a new baby into the world is such a happy occasion! And while it is essential to shower the little one with kisses, attention and gifts, don’t forget about mom! After nine months of carrying around a baby and however many hours she spent in labor, this lady deserves some love. So to show her how much you care, here are six gifts for new moms that she needs, and will also love!

A Stylish Diaper Bag

Part of being a mom is putting practicality first. She must say good bye to the designer handbags and hello to her new best friend: the diaper bag. So why not get her one that she’ll love as much as her purses! (Ok, maybe not as much. But we can at least try!)

Baby Aspen’s 360 Signature Diaper Bag comes in two stylish patterns and has 15 pockets for 360 degrees of interior and exterior organization. It’s just what she needs to hold all of baby’s gear while looking great, too.

360 Signature Diaper Bag | 6 Gifts Every Mom Needs - And Wants | Baby Aspen


While this may not be the most “fun” gift to give, trust us, mom will thank you. It’s always a bit of a shock realizing how many diapers one little baby can go through and how much the cost can add up! But instead of gifting a big box of Huggies, we suggest going with a diaper cake! You can easily DIY this gift or buy one already assembled.

Diaper Cake | 6 Gifts New Moms Need - And Want | Baby Aspen

A Baby Book

One thing is for sure: Mom will want to record every last detail of her baby’s first year! Help her keep each special moment in one place with a baby book. It will become a keepsake that both mom and baby will cherish as the years go by!

Baby Book via Paper Source | 6 Gifts New Moms Need - And Want | Baby Aspen
via Paper Source

Milestone Age Blocks

Milestone age blocks are a great gift for the mom who loves celebrating all of baby’s big moments. Gift these blocks in tandem with the baby book to give mom the perfect accessories for the photos she will later put in the book!

Milestone Age Blocks | 6 Gifts New Moms Need - And Want | Baby Aspen

A Bib & Burp Set

Babies are so adorable! But they are also pretty messy. A great way to help both mom and baby stay clean is with a bib & burp set. Mom will be able to wipe any excess drool or spit up from baby’s mouth before it travels too far! Plus, they come in such cute patterns like this cupcake-inspired set and little man set.

Baby Cakes Bib & Burp Set | 6 Gifts New Moms Need - And Want | Baby Aspen

A Spa Day

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world – but its a job nonetheless. She’ll want to spend every second with her bundle of joy, but one of the greatest gifts for new moms is a little time to herself. (Which is very rare as a new mom!) Book her a massage, manicure, facial or any other spa treatment to get her out of the house and pampered!

Spa Day | 6 Gifts New Moms Need - And Want | Baby Aspen

Which of these gifts do you think mom would love most? Let us know in the comments!