How Big is Baby This Week? [Infographic]

How Big is Baby This Week? [Infographic]

Pregnancy is a nerve-wracking and exciting time in a parent’s life! When you sit back and really think about it – the human body is amazing. In just nine short months (although to mom they may seem long!) a baby grows from an egg to a baby.

Week by Week Guide to Baby’s Size

It can be hard to visualize how tiny your baby is during pregnancy. So we put together an infographic that breaks down your baby’s size by week – using fruits and vegetables as a point of reference!

Curious to see where you baby falls on the spectrum of a poppy seed to a pumpkin? Check out the graphic below!

Baby Size Chart | How Big is Baby This Week? [Infographic] | Baby Aspen

How big is your baby this week? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Parenting!


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