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Nursery Ideas Fit For a Swan Princess

A little girl’s nursery will be the space where she grows, learns and plays, so make it as magical as her personality. Today we’re sharing nursery ideas fit for a swan princess.

1. A Swan Princess for the Wall

Your princess will drift off to dreamland with a sweet swan princess bust to look over her. With delicate details in the feathers and a pretty crown on it’s head, it’s the perfect wall accessory for this nursery. Pair it with a tulle canopy over her crib and she’s sure to have sweet dreams.

growingfootprints via Instagram

2. Gold Accents and Sweet Details

This swan princess nursery has all the perfect details for your little girl. With tiny tutus on adorable hangers as wall decor, gold accents on the crib and wall decals, and swan details in the pillows this nursery is a lovely place for her to play. Looking to include little trinkets and books in your nursery design? Put up floating shelves for extra areas to add sweet swan inspired decor.

mini style

3. Fit for a Princess

A swan princess nursery can easily be updated when it comes time for your little one to get a big girl bed, too. Swap out the crib for a toddler bed and add in a cute side table and chair that fits her perfectly and she’ll be ready for the next stage of childhood in her swan princess big girl room.

storybook_bliss via Instagram

4. A Swan Best Friend

Every princess needs a best friend, and this little one has found one in a life-size swan stuffed animal. Perfect for sitting on the floor next to the crib or changing table, this swan adds to the decor of the space and lets your little one have some fun at playtime!

Fawn Over Baby

5. Subtle Swan Decor

Your decor choices don’t have to overwhelm your swan princess nursery, either. Add in a few themed pieces here and there, like a small swan shaped planter or a ride on toy that don’t overpower the room but add to the theme in a sweet way.

The Glitter Guide

6. Shine Bright, Night Light

A swan-shaped night light is another perfect accessory for this nursery because it adds style and function. Hang it within reach during her toddler years and she can turn it on and off when she needs it!

nurserydecor via Instagram

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Which of these gifts would your swan princessl like best? Let us know in the comments below!

Happy Parenting!

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