11 Sweet Details For A Panda Themed Baby Nursery

There’s something so cuddly and cute about a baby panda and this beloved animal is the inspiration for today’s cribspiration! A panda themed baby nursery is suitable for a boy or girl. Using a black and white color palette with pops of rich red, you can design a modern space where your little one can sleep, play, and grow!  Panda robe for baby by Baby Aspen

From curtains to crib bedding, here are our top picks for creating a stimulating environment with bold black and white patterns for your baby:

Panda themed baby nursery with a modern black and white color palette

 1. Wayfair 2. Baby Aspen 3. Ferm Living via Lou What Wear 4. Ikea 5. GoGoBookart via Etsy 6. Target 7. The Land of Nod 8. CB2 9. Ikea 10. Baby Aspen 11. Monte Design

Adorable Decor

The vinyl heart decals in this precious nursery (3) inspired the foundation for this cribspiration. The heart-spotted walls are a lovely alternative to traditional polka-dots that have become so popular. A whimsical panda print with red accents (5) is another adorable addition to the walls in this black and white nursery. This smiling panda in glasses is printed on a page from a book! Hang this art over your rocking chair and you’re sure to smile whenever you sit down to read with your little one.

 Modern Lighting

We chose a pendant lamp  (4) to shed some light on this space.  They are available in a few sizes so you can hang one or a few to suit your space. This modern light fixture is affordable, too!

Pattern Play

Patterns add a playful feel to a black and white nursery. You can start by breaking up crisp white walls with these charming curtains (1). The simple pattern is sophisticated enough to grow with your child, too. Next, play with patterns in the crib bedding. A preppy pin dot crib sheet (6) is subtle enough not to clash with the curtains.

A Comfy Reading Corner

You’re sure to spend a lot of time in this special space, so a cozy reading nook is crucial! Choose a glider (11) that is as comfortable as it is chic so you can enjoy night after night of story-time with your baby. We love this precious panda chair (7), too! As your baby shifts into the toddler stage, this will be the perfect spot for them to sit and read or play.

Soft Surroundings

Poufs are trending in home decor and this fuzzy pouf (8) is a great fit for this space. Use it as extra seating low to the ground or as a foot rest for your glider. With so many pops of patterns in the nursery, a solid pouf and shaggy rug (9) are neutral accents you can use to soften up the overall look and create a soft space for baby to play.

Panda Themed Baby Gear

Finally, don’t forget to add a plush panda pal (2) for baby!  You can even get a panda robe so baby can bundle up after a bath and fit right into his or her new habitat (10).

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What’s your favorite feature from this nursery inspiration? Share your thoughts in the comments! 

Cribspiration: Garden-Themed Nursery

April is on it’s way, and this week’s “cribspiration” is inspired by Spring. These inspirations will help you design a garden-themed nursery that will always be in bloom! Who could help but be cheery in this bright space?

Baby Aspen Cribspiration: Garden Themed Nursery

1. Inspirational Art

Dress up the walls with inspirational quotes, like this “bloom where you are planted” graphic. This sweet sentiment will encourage your little one as they grow.

Baby Aspen Cribspiration: Garden Themed NurserySuperior Craft Company via Etsy

2. A Bright Idea

A lampshade is a great way to add a pop of color to the room. Create a cozy reading nook with a side table and lamp you can easily reach from a rocking chair. You’ll be using this spot for daily story time and snuggles before bed.

Baby Aspen Cribspiration: Garden Themed NurseryTarget

3. Crepe Paper Flowers

An accent wall of 3-D blooms will liven any space. You can buy or DIY these larger-than-life tissue paper flowers, and baby will enjoy admiring them from her crib!

Baby Aspen Cribspiration: Garden Themed NurseryWhimsy Pie via Etsy

4. Showers and Flowers Baby Bathrobe

Bundle your little flower up in a hooded robe to keep her warm after bath time. This is also a towel worthy of displaying, so pick a pretty hook to hang it up to dry!

Baby Aspen Cribspiration: Garden Themed NurseryBaby Aspen

5. Rock-a-bye Baby

Rock baby in style in an aqua rocker. This comfy chair is the perfect foundation for a reading nook and goes great with the bright pink lampshade. 
Baby Aspen Cribspiration: Garden Themed Nursery

 Pottery Barn Kids

6. Ready, Set, Play!

A big, soft rug makes a perfect playscape for baby. Consider a monochromatic rug for a room with lots of color, but you can still pick a bright color and textured pattern to create a whimsical feel. For a perfect color pairing, we recommend purchasing the bedding and rug from the same collection.

Baby Aspen Cribspiration: Garden Themed NurseryThe Land of Nod

6. Dreams in Full Bloom

This crib sheet inspired the color palette for this entire cribspiration, which is usually how nursery inspiration begins. Once you fall in love with bedding or a rug, the rest will fall into place!

Baby Aspen Cribspiration: Garden Themed NurseryThe Land of Nod

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Are you planning a garden-themed nursery? What’s your color palette? Share in the comments!

Cribspiration: 10 Princess Nursery Finds for Your Little Lady

Put together a princess nursery for your baby girl with two unique “cribspiration” concepts from Baby Aspen. We’ve curated ten picks to create two looks fit for a baby princess. One is more elegant and the other more whimsical, but still each room could be right out of a fairy tale.

Elegant Princess Nursery Decor

Create a pink palace with a pastel pink and gray color scheme. Add elegant details like silky curtains, a beaded carriage lamp, and a crown canopy over a tufted crib. Finish off this sophisticated nursery with a rug featuring a sweet sentiment. We linked to each item below so you can pin your favorite picks for later!

Baby Gift Idea: Looking for a great gift in this theme? Our “Little Princess” Gift Set comes in a keepsake carriage package that will display beautifully in this nursery.

Princess Nursery Decor | Cribspiration | Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration | Baby Aspen Blog

1. Land of Nod 2. Pottery Barn Kid 3. RH Baby & Child 4. Baby Aspen 5. Soft Surroundings

Whimsical Princess Nursery Decor

For a modern fairy tale feel, start with pastel pink and add pops of bright pink and purple. Accessorize with a geometric gemstone mirror, tassel mobile, and scalloped pink rug. Hang a “Little Princess” bathrobe on a hook and you’re ready to welcome royalty! Scroll to pin these modern nursery picks.

Princess Nursery Decor | Cribspiration | Baby Girl Nursery Inspiration | Baby Aspen Blog

6. Land of Nod 7. Blush Bazaar 8. Land of Nod 9. Baby Aspen 10. Target

What’s your nursery theme? Share in the comments!