Fan Friday: A Little Baby Fox

From rustic tree motifs to adorable little animals, woodland-themed baby gifts, nurseries and baby showers have long been popular for both boys and girls. Right now foxes are in the spotlight! There are so many ways to incorporate this adorable orange creature into your baby’s new space. We’ve shared inspiration for a fox-themed nursery and this week we’re featuring another foxy favorite.

A Sweet Little Fox

Rub-a-dub, there’s a baby fox in the tub! What better way to keep baby warm after a bath than in a friendly fox bath robe? Babies can wiggle out of a towel as quick as a fox, but this cute robe ties at the waist so it will stay in place for some sweet snuggles after bath time.

Baby Ledger is our fan of the week! How cute is he in his fox robe?

An Adorable Baby Aspen Fan Bundled Up In a Fox Robe

photo credit: @the_fit_wife

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 What’s your favorite woodland creature? Share in the comments!

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11 Adorable Babies in Shark Robes + a Giveaway

Dunn, dunn….dunn, dunn. It’s the most wonderful time of the year for “deep sea” TV, and sharks are trending this week! We think sharks have never looked so cute, especially when they’re babies in cuddly shark robes! We picked eleven adorable fan photos of shark babies that attack with cuteness. Scroll to the bottom of the post to see how to enter for a chance to win a shark robe for your baby!

1. Cutie Shark

This little one is sitting pretty in his blue shark robe after bath time. Although it’s not visible, he even has the tail on his robe personalized with his name!

Baby in Shark Robe via @_sarahtucker on Instagram Image via @_saratucker

2. Jaw-some Shark

Amp up the awesome to jaw-some with a toothy hooded robe.

Smiling Baby in Shark Robe via @ash326686 on InstagramImage via @ash326686

3. Smiley Shark

Shark babies are happy babies. This sweet shark just can’t stop smiling!

Sweet Baby Making Faces in Shark Robe | via @cierrag on InstagramImage via @cierrag

4. Model Shark

“Ok, I’m ready for my close-up!” A stylish shark robe is also great for a fun photo session.

Baby in Blue Shark Robe | via @epreuss85Image via @epreuss85

5. Playful Shark

A cozy robe is perfect for playtime, too!

Baby Playing in Blue Shark Robe | via @@hazeleung on InstagramImage via @hazeleung 

6. Shy Shark

Sometimes cute sharks need some time away from the spotlight.

Baby Hiding in a Shark Robe | via @hperry2012 on InstagramImage via @hperry2012

7. Fin-tastic Bath Time Shark

Post-bath time has never been so nice!

Baby Holding Parent's Hand in Shark Robe | via @jasefos on InstagramImage via @jasefos

8. Pretty in Pink Shark

Have you ever seen a pink shark? This sweet baby enjoyed her summer vacation in her pink shark robe.

Baby in Pink Shark Robe | via @morgancalhoun7 on Instagram Image via @morgancalhoun7

9. Sleepy Sharky

After a full day of swimming and playing, a quick nap is needed.

Sleeping Baby in Blue Shark Robe | via @scmitchell12 on InstagramImage via @scmitchell12 

10. The Plotting Shark

“Mua ha ha ha ha.” A baby shark robe is the right attire for plotting the next move!

Baby Sitting in Shark Robe | via @superbaby_benji  on InstagramImage via @superbaby_benji

11. Double Trouble

One shark is trouble, but two means double trouble! Two tiny shark robes are the perfect gifts for twins.

Twins in a Pink and Blue Shark Robe | via @twinsofnewyork on InstagramImage via @twinsofnewyork

A Shark Robe Giveaway

Now it’s your turn to enter for a chance to win a shark robe! Hurry, because this flash Instagram giveaway will only be around for a short time. To enter:

1. Follow @babyaspen on Instagram

2. Like the photo pictured below

3. For a bonus entry, tag a friend!

Giveaway ends 7/10/15 at 9:00 AM EST. Winners will be announced in the comments. Open to U.S. residents only.

Shark Robe Giveaway | Baby Aspen

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Do you have photos of your little one in a shark robe? Post and tag your photo with hashtag #BabyAspenGifts, and you could be a featured fan photo!