A Bathroom Makeover

A Bathroom Makeover

Aspen Cares is at it again! We introduced Aspen Cares, our community outreach program. This past week, Aspen Cares worked internally to enhance our workplace community by giving the main ladies’ restroom a makeover. The project, headed by Andrea and Erika, not only beautified the space but it also enhanced the washroom experience. The project was a great bonding experience; men and women from various departments volunteered to roll up their sleeves to help accomplish the project.

The transformation was amazing! The main wall opposite the sinks is now a gallery wall. Adding an accent wall next to the sink area and framing the mirror livened up the space, and new baskets and trashcans really helped with organization. In the stalls, little changes and additions made a big difference! A cabinet was moved in to house extra supplies, the seat covers were finally hung on the wall, toilet paper holders and a new trash can were added to keep the space neat and organized.

The ribbon cutting was so exciting everyone came together to see the reveal of the finished project and ….they loved it!  Now the men in the office want a  bathroom beautification too!  The occasion called for a cupcake celebration – a sweet ending to a week of hard work!

This project truly shows how you can accomplish two great things at the same time: a memorable bonding experience and an enhancement to the work environment. A BIG thank you to the wonderful team of painters and decorators!

Click on our Pinterest board to see more pictures from the project!

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